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To get started, please select the product or service you would like

Press the button below to be redirected to a google doc I wrote up providing a somewhat rudimentary and basic introduction to custom keyboards before proceeding as it will help you immensely. Please reach out if you need any help. Thank you! 


The Premium Kit offers you quite a large number of limited preset options for choosing your ideal board. Great for people new to custom keyboards or for those that don't really know what they want. In order to get access to other things in the keyboard hobby, like aftermarket items and group buy items, you will have to step up to the Fully Custom Kit option. This service allows you to configure everything step by step with me, and most importantly, you are able to choose from absolutely anything available in the world. This is not a cheap service but you definitely get what you pay for. Regardless of what service you choose though , I will patiently explain everything there is to know about custom boards so feel free to message me. Let's get started! 

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