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thebananakeyco gives you a lot of choice when getting a board built by us.


Here are some reasons why you should buy from us and feel thebananakeyco difference.

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Quality Craftsmanship

Our boards are built by hand using quality materials. Customers have the choice to choose from a wide variety of materials like wood and aluminium, or materials like polycarbonate* . The choices are endless! We also provide high end switch modification services like switch lubing for all our boards, that make them sound and feel much more premium than they actually are. 

*Polycarbonate is not shown on premium kit order forms. If you want it, please directly contact me. 

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High Quality Customer Service

thebananakeyco places customer satisfaction levels above everything else. We are always ready to answer any inquiries from customers should they have any. We also ensure that customers receive answers that are both complete and of a high quality. Rest assured, you will not be disappointed by our services.


High levels of customizability

Our boards have a very high level of customization that can't be found elsewhere. Customers get to choose from a large number of keycaps based on their budget. Case materials can also be configured. There is surely something for everyone here at thebananakeyco.

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